Letter to His Excellency the President of the Rwanda Paul Kagame

Mrs Antoinette    Dushimirimana                            Gicumbi, 22/09/2021

Western Province of Rwanda

Gicumbi  District

Byumba Sector

Nyamabuye Cellule

Mugomero Zone

Tel: 0788262636


Open Letter to His Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame Kigali-Rwanda

Subiect: Seeking urgent help for my missing husband andinjustice and torture that 1 was subjected o whilst unlawfully heldin the Rwandan Pol ce custody.

Your Excellency Mr.President, I’am writing to you o seek urgent helpin relation to extremelyimportant matters that require your urgent attention andintervention.The first malter is the injustice and torture that 1 was subjected to whilst unlawfully heldin the custody of Rwandan Poil ce and the second is the disappearance of my husband.

On the 22/8/2021  I was arrested without notice white I was on my way with my husband to the funeralof a friend. The only issue for which I could have been detained or had any cause o interact with the poil ce was that I hadinadvertently forgotten to bring my National ID. Despite  my explanation to the police that I had forgottenilal home and that I was willing to return home to getit and show it o them I was arrestedimmediately and taken to the Police Station      of Gatoki. Upon arrivai at the Gatoki police station, I was placed in the Gatoki Police cell without notice and they started to beat me and asking me to tell themwhere my husband was.

As well as beating me ail over my body they started to strangle me, and they only stopped when I started tolose consciousness due to lack of oxygen. The torture then continued until I became incontinent due to the severity of the beating and the stress that I was experiencing. Alter I became incontinent the Police then used a smalt electrical machine (taser) and placed part of it between my legs and electrocuted me repeatedly. The Police stated that the reason for this torture was that my husband and I are considered enemies of the Republic of Rwanda.

During my torture they further stated that my husband and I had been under constant surveillance (24/7) and that the government even know how we sleep.They also said that they had been at our house the previous night and gave me accurate details of pr vate conversations that I had wilh my children.

Alter the first prolonged torture session I was taken to another Police stat on (Ramera) ln the capital city of Kigali, and I was once again tortured by members of the Police. During this second session of torture,I was verbally abused by police, and I was asked « where is Kizlto Mihlgo? We can kill you and throw your bodyin the river and the country will miss nothing« .  The arresting Police also said thatif my husband tries to flee Rwanda that they will reach him   like they did to Mr. Paul Rusesabagina.

After 8 days I was released from Police custody and was told that I was not to speak o the media or anyone else about my experiences wtiilst in Police custody.

Therefore, I am calling for your assistance to resolve the injustices including physical and mentalabuse i have suffered white in Police custody.

The second malter for which I respectfully request your assistance is to request that you help me locale my husband whose whereabouts have been unknown since 22/8/21. I hold grave concerns for his welfare as I believe that he has been abducted in retribution for a latter that  he wrote on 21/4/21 asking for your help toident fy wtio killed his father (my father-in-law) in 1994. My husband was inforrned that his father was believed to have been killed by Rwanda Patriotic Front soldiers and that he was taken by themin April 1994 and has not been seen or heard of since.

Since I was released, I don’t feel sale. Every night unknow and unidentified people walk around my house. Therefore, neither my children and I are unable to sleep or to feel sale which is totally different from the security and safety we have been promised as Rwandan citizens.

Hence by thisletter,Your Excellency, I seek for protection and ensured safety for my family as we are innocent.

Your Excellency Mr President, the abduction of my husband whois the father of our two children has caused considerable dlstress and financial hardship to our family as he was the provider for our family and highly valued andloved. The unexplained disappearance of my husband is causing our two children considerable grief and profound sense of loss and confusion that will continue to adversely affect an aspects of their lives until this malter is resolved and heir father returned safely to our family.

Your urgent intervention in these matters would be greatly appreciated. Yours sincerely,

Antoinette  Dushimirimana


Copied for i n formati on:

Dr.Edouard Ngirente -Prime Minister of Rwanda

Madame Mukabarisa Donatille – Rwandan Partiament President

Dr lyamuremye Augustin -Senate President

Mr JMV Gatabazi– Minister of Local Government

Dr Emmanuel Ugirashebuja – Minister of Justice

Dr Jean Damascene Bizimana – Minister of National Unity and Civic Engagement

IGP Dan Munyuza –Rwanda Inspector General of Police

Rtd Col Ruhunga Jeannot – Rwanda Investigation Bureau General secretary

Madame Nirere Madeleine – Ombudsman

Marie Immaculée Ingabire – Transparency International Rwanda


  1. Madame ntubona ko family yose uyishize mu kaga!uyiteje a-kaga isaha nisaha bayihanagura da!! urumva abantu bakuba kyubahiro cyo kwitwa ba malayika mulungi bakemera guseba!! Imana ni uko iyo umenye kowabaga muli babuloni umwanzuro uyisohokamo!

  2. Nibyo kqansika kuko ubunsi ni umukozi wa rubanda ushinzwe ibyo. Gusa kera bajyaga batubwira ngo abantu bagiye kuregera umubyeyi abana babateraga amabuye. Arabasubiza ati ninjye mboshya.

  3. Ubonye uwo wowe wandikiye RUKARABANKABA! Ntubuze byose ukamye IKIMASA. Hebera urwaje, kuko uwo urega niwe uregera. Nta kintu na kimwe bagukoreye ubwe atakizi. Niwe wabatumye ngo, baguhemukire. Muri make uri uwo kugirirwa impuhwe z’Imana kuko urababaye cyane. Imana ikurinde Muvandimwe.

  4. Ubonye uwo wowe wandikiye RUKARABANKABA! Ntubuze byose ukamye IKIMASA. Heber urwaje, kuko uwo urega niwe uregera. Nta kintu na kimwe bagukoreye ubwe atakizi. Niwe wabatumye ngo, baguhemukire. Muri make uri uwo kugirirwa impuhwe z’Imana kuko urababaye cyane. Imana ikurinde Muvandimwe.

  5. This young lady is not loosing her time. At least people shall know what is happening in the tinny republic of Rwanda under the dictatorship of FPR and his chairman Paul Kagame the African Hitler.

  6. Dear Madam Antoinette Dushimimana,

    Warmest congratulations for your open letter addressed to Mr. President Paul Kagame, with accurate copies to whom it may concern. Let’s hope that your SOS cry of despair will not be unanswered, concerning many abductions, forced disappearences, brutal unjustified arrests and horrific violences which daily happen in our country Rwanda.

    Enough is enough. Even in case of lack of appropriate response to your open letter, JUSTICE AND TRUTH WILL ABSOLUTELY WIN !!! God Bless You and Your Family.

  7. This kagame which you ask for help is a great killer he killed the millions of rwandans and is him who send the men to kill your husband so you are loosing your time !

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